Discover Pizza &Casual Dining at Cortina’s Pizzeria-Anaheim

cortina's italian market and pizzeria

The next time you're craving pizza, skip getting it from a major chain restaurant and try gourmet cuisine. One place where you can have gourmet pizza near Orange Avenue in Anaheim is Cortina's Italian Market & Pizzeria. At this casual dining restaurant near our Madison Park Apartments, the food is prepared fresh to order. One specialty … [Read more...]

Items Every Madison Park Bathroom Needs for Comfort

The right lighting could make your apartment pop. Source: pixabay

We offer cozy Madison Park bathrooms, but it is up to you to keep them comfortable. The following items are essential in creating the perfect bathroom. Good Light Quality: Good lighting is essential for bathing and grooming, so be sure you have enough light in your bathroom. If the lighting does not meet your needs, spring for a bright light bulb, … [Read more...]

Keep Your Indoor Plants, Happy, Healthy, & Thriving

Houseplants can really make your apartment feel like home. Source: pixabay

Adding houseplants to Madison Park apartments can be done even by someone who doesn’t have a green thumb. Remember these tips to keep your houseplants happy and thriving. Pick Carefully – Before buying a plant, evaluate its lighting and watering needs and check for any of diseases. Hardy plants like the ZZ plant and Spider plant make a great … [Read more...]

Tips for Cleaning the Madison Park Baseboards & Titles

Use these tips to help keep your apartment spotless. Source: pixabay

Spring cleaning is not fun, but a deep cleaning is something we all appreciate at Madison Park apartments. Have you considered cleaning walls and baseboards apart of spring cleaning? This is not a hard project and only takes a few supplies and a couple of minutes. The very few steps needed to make quick work of the baseboards: Use a broom with a … [Read more...]

Tips to Safeguard Your Madison Park Apartment Before Vacation

Heed these tips before heading out on your next trip. Source: pixabay

During National Safety Month, learn how to secure your Madison Park apartments in Anaheim when you are on vacation. Learn these tips to safeguard your apartment when you're away. Make your apartment looked lived in because an empty looking apartment is an open invitation for criminals. While you are on your budget vacation, make your apartment look … [Read more...]

Find Fresh Produce at Downtown Anaheim Farmers’ Market


One of the best signs that summer is coming is the abundance of delicious fruits and veggies at the local farmers market in downtown Anaheim. Check out the Anaheim Famers Market and celebrate National Fruit and Veggies month. The Market is open every Thursday from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Along the Center Street Promenade, you can purchase farm fresh … [Read more...]

Experience the New 4-D Ride at Knott’s Berry Farm

Experience the New 4-D Ride at Knott's Berry Farm

Southern California is quite exciting with the warm weather, plethora of activities, and seasonal events. You and the kids must check out the Knott's Berry Farm events in Anaheim, just a few minutes away from Disneyland. Beginning back in March, you can now be a part of The Voyage To The Iron Reef. This is a brand new 4-D game/ride that can pit you … [Read more...]

Decorate the Madison Park Balcony in Time for Spring


Do you want to turn your balcony into your own retreat? Decorating your personal balcony can liven up a space and get you ready for spring. Here are our balcony decorating tips to get yours ready by spring. Potted plants, flowers, succulents, and evergreens can double as privacy shades. Flowers of all kinds brighten up your space, make it … [Read more...]

Speed Cleaning the Madison Park Gourmet Kitchen in Minutes


Are you looking for a better system for cleaning your Madison Park gourmet kitchens? Then try out these kitchen speed cleaning tips. Each day  Every day, devote five minutes to these chores, starting with your kitchen sink. Do the dishes and wipe down the sink and sink area. Follow that up by wiping your stove and counters while the dishwasher … [Read more...]

Pool Safety Tips for Madison Park Residents for Summer Fun


The kids will be heading to the pool soon, but are you ready to take proper care of them? Pool safety tips for summer can save a life, so practice now and be prepared. Supervise children when they are near or in the water at all times. Children should never be unattended in the pool or spa area for any length of time. Teach your children the … [Read more...]